Tuesday, February 20, 2007


And the Oscar goes to Martin Brodeur for biggest embellishment after Sean Avery appropriately went back at the Hall of Fame goalie after he was roughed up. Good! Avery btw if you noticed on replays Steve was trying to stop when he collided with the netminder. That's why I believe the goalie interference call was sketchy. But can also see why it was called. You have to keep in mind the move he made around Colin White and there not being much leeway between him and Brodeur, plus a loose rebound.

In any event, it has at least energized CAA for this final match-up between the archrivals and fired up Cam Janssen in the process. Janssen was still seen talking to Henrik Lundqvist giving him repeated warnings. Whatever buddy. You proved what a class act you are by continuing it. And btw Janssen has played one of his best games tonight, even registering two shots (only had one all season). But I think he showed some immaturity by continuing to yap at Lundqvist after the period ended. And right now, Ken Daneyko is telling Cam to take it easy during this intermission segment. Good call by Dano.

I want to commend both fourth lines in this one. This has been a great game for both as they have generated chances, thrown hits and wreaked havoc. Keep it up boys!

The third should be eventful if it's anything like the 2nd.

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