Thursday, February 22, 2007

Devils Take It in Shootout

Derek, you can complain about nothing. Even when they gave us the advantage, we failed. There are no excuses. They lost in the shootout, there are no excuses for the Rangers, they blew it. Absolutely blew it.

Another thing I noticed is that the Daniel Girardi love affair must end, he was putrid tonight.

That Parise kid's got a future eh?



Buffalo 6, Ottawa 5 (SO) - MMM...Goaltender-leaving-crease-coaches yelling at eachother-allout-fucking-brawl...*foams at the mouth*...rematch Saturday? *Passes Out* Ottawa falls 1 behind Pittsburgh after getting only one point.

Isles 3, Toronto 2 (SO) - Didn't see much after NYI went down 3-2 but wow, another comeback. Icelanders are now in a tie for 9th with Montreal, losing 6-5 in the 3rd to Nashville. Where did Hockey come from people!??!? Trent Hunter, one of my favorite Isles, gets two.

Carolina 3, Philly 2 (OT) - Glenn Wesley nabs the sudden victory 16 secs into the 4th. Carolina now sole possesion of 8th unless MTL turns it around

Tampa 5, Atlanta 4 (OT) - St. Louis with the winner here. Tampa has a 1-pt lead on ATL for the Southeast lead.

Pittsburgh 2, Florida 1 (OT) - Colby Armstrong gets an OT winner. Penguins keep pace with NJ. Another freakin assist for Crosby.

And Montreal ties it with 48 seconds to go! They will most certainly get a point, and screw up this whole thing. Thanks Samsonov. Foppa somehow manages to come out of this one pointless again!

Regardless of OT, your 6 -12 standings:

6. ATL - 72 (19 GR)
7. MTL -69 (19 GR)
8. CAR - 69 (19 GR)
9. NYI - 68 (21 GR)
10. TOR - 67 (21 GR)
11. NYR - 64 (21 GR)
12. BOS - 62 (23 GR)


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