Thursday, February 22, 2007

Big Game Tonight

Not just in NHL circles, but in sports circles. There is a buzz about this one. With no Knicks or Nets, and A-Rod and Jeter being quiet the past 24 hrs., maybe, just maybe? We get a backpage?

That's of course, if we live up to the hype. But if any sport is up for the challenge, we sure are.

This may be the game of the year for Devs and Rangers fans.

Boston is not in action tonight. Isles-Leafs is a much bigger game standings wise. I wish the blue and orange well. Let me be the first to say, I would LOVE Devils-Isles in round 1, based on past performance.

Bruins play the Bolts tomorrow, by the way. Devils and Rangers get MSG and FSN, Isles on FSN2. For those interested parties, Ottawa-Buffalo is on, While has Wild-Avs.

A LOT of big hockey games being played tonight.


All of those games have an impact on the races.

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