Saturday, February 3, 2007


I could understand his frustration as that goal was a crusher which certainly turned the tide. And and I both know that if that happened to Brodeur, he'd be furious. Goalies usually do get pretty hot on plays like that. Just go back to Mike Richter when Zelepukin legally tied Game 7 to force OT. There was nothing illegal done. But his frustration boiled over at Bill McCreary over what was a good non-call. You will usually see goalies complain whenever there's a player in front like that and a goal is scored.

I can't really comment for what happened after that as I didn't see the next two goals. I'll just assume that it was the Devils' puck domination which got them that one break you referred to and the eventual winner.

A congrats to the Devils on honoring their first ever Stanley Cup team, the 1995 Devils.

There are two other huge games taking place. Nashville leads Anaheim 2-0 with 5 and change left. If they win, their lead is five. Chris Pronger is back for the Ducks but it hasn't mattered. In a Northwestern first place battle in Alberta, Vancouver and Calgary are scoreless five minutes in.

Other games of note:

-The Leafs win again, defeating the Senators in a shootout 3-2 to reach 58 points.
-The Hurricanes and Bruins are tied at two headed to the third. Any reason why this one started so late? If Carolina loses, they fall behind Tampa for eighth.
-Flyers surprise Atlanta 5-2. They scored the last four in the third. Btw...Forsberg got 2nd star.
-Kings smother Florida 7-0. Yes, Jamie Lundmark tallied his first of the season. Oh my.

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