Saturday, February 3, 2007

Devils Win

Who cares? We all know in our heart of hearts Marty is, and Miller whined about that Madden goal to know end, so it was appropriate.

Reminder, these are never the most accurate fans (see Better, Parise's) but they always mean well and are always emphatic when they want to make a point. Miller's complaining annoyed them, so they chanted Marty's name.

18,589 at The Swamp tonight to watch NJ beat the #1 team in the East. This I believe, is the third "Newark Sellout" or a game that's attendence will sellout the Newark Arena. Biggest crowd of the year, partially due to the Buffalo traveling circus, and frankly, the other half to see Valeri Zelepukin again.

It was made 1-0 in the 1st on a sweet little goal from Chris Drury going around the net. I'll ignore the non-goal goal and refer you to Derek's post. The score remained such until the third, where John Madden jammed away at Ryan Miller until the puck went in. He clearly didn't have possesion. Ryan's gotta' get the glove glued to the ice!

Miller did have a bad break on Jamie Langenbrunner's goal. He sent one in front for Parise and it went off a leg in front and riccoched in. Then Parise just rifled a wrister for big #20, a great milestone for The Zach. Teppo Numminen (Hello, Numminen. Hello, Jerry) got his first of the year late, but the Devils prevailed in front of a large crowd, 3-2.

Speaking of Newark, enjoy this video:

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