Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Quote of Day

It comes from former Flyer captain Keith Primeau after being honored by the club the other night during the team's 6-1 win over Detroit at Wachovia Center:

"I think for me, it was, No. 1, my approach, and No. 2, because I really felt connected with the people in this city," Primeau was saying, hours before a night in his honor. "I always felt that if you play the way they lived their life -- which is with passion and desire and a real blue-collar attitude -- they are going to love you. I learned that early in my stay here. I think that’s why I will forever have a fondness for the people in Philadelphia."

To read more of this story, go here:

Flyer fans realized Primeau was special

Doan Signs Extension: Also, just a note that the Phoenix Coyotes have re-signed right wing Shane Doan. It's reportedly five years, $23 million.

NY Hockey Report Tonight: Now, for a little reminder. I'll be hosting tonight's wintry Valentine's edition of The NY Hockey Report in the usual 8:05 slot. Among topics covered will be the Islanders and Rangers and their chances of getting in the playoffs, the Devils' continued chase of Buffalo along with seeing an unlikely team in their rear view mirror for the division, why the loss of Paul Gaustad hurts big time for Sabres and complete breakdown of the two trades made over the weekend (Stuart to Cgy, Nagy to Dal).

I'll also be taking your calls. The number is 877-913-9739. Hit us up if you're not busy!

To tune in live, go to the Allinbroadcasting site. Wednesday's full slate should then come up. Go down to the 8:00 New York Hockey Report official link and click on it.

See ya'll later.

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Stevens8204 said...

Icy enough??? You could coat the ice at CAA with what fell there today.....yikes. Seriously, Devils should feel right at home tonite it will be nice and quiet...go devils!

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