Saturday, February 3, 2007

Question for Steve

What does the trade Jamie to LA thing mean? Where the heck did that come from? I think I know and it makes me smile. I guess some things never change, huh?

Hey buddy. I wanted to get your opinion on maybe adding a YouTube video of the week. It could be a great goal or great save or even a great scrap or hit. Maybe we can have a local play if there is one and a league one as well. I'm thinking of ways to make this place even better for everyone who reads it.

Also, are you interested in maybe coming on a future show? I might be having my own show courtesy of blogtalkradio. Maybe one night for a seg, we can discuss the locals' plight as well as the Eastern race between the Sabres and Devils along with trade rumors. This could be your chance to debut and maybe also plug our site. It's your call.

Regarding your point on the difference between the Devs, Isles and Rangers, I couldn't agree more. The Islanders showed me a lot as well. The question is will they win enough to get in. Carolina got a point in an OT loss to Boston which puts them at 59, one ahead of Toronto and three ahead of the Islanders. The Rangers sit five out. At this point, many are agreeing they should become sellers. We've seen this script before. This team just isn't good enough. Renney refuses to break up the top line and give Shanahan a real center. If he moved Hossa up with Straka and Jagr, that line wouldn't lose much. Sticking Nylander with Shanny would make a huge difference. But the coach has no guts. In any event, our D is horrible now without Malik and Rozsival. And the coach only played Dan Girardi a shade under 12:00. That is crazy. He shows more than the others.

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