Saturday, February 3, 2007

A Point

About how paranoid a few Swamp fans are. Their team came ready and has dominated the third period scoring three goals in less than a 4:00 span to control things up 3-1 against Buffalo.

And there they are making the obligatory chant, "Marty's Better."

Oh really? How many shots has he faced tonight? 14. Meanwhile, Ryan Miller who was 1st Star the last time these two teams met has already faced 32. And shots are 10-2 in the third as Miller's team decided not to show thinking they had it wrapped up apparently.

If not for Miller despite the commentary from Doc and Chico that the teams were evenly matched defensively, it would've been about 8-1 because that's how many holes were in that Buffalo D. Two words guys. Swiss cheese. How many break-ins did Zach Parise have in the first two periods? Or how many wide open Devils were there in front Steve? If you watched, then you know what I'm talking about.

Meanwhile, the Rangers are on their way to another defeat. Oh. They were in the game but the Lightning have surged ahead thanks to power plays. I wonder if Shanahan regrets complaining about how Jagr is treated yet. It's 7-2 Lightning on the PP and they are up because of it. Btw...Jagr hasn't drawn anything either. So it hasn't helped.

P.S. The Ranger D has been just as brutal as predicted. Only Daniel Girardi has looked reliable.

Stat of the Night coming from CAA: 6 of the 7 Buffalo penalties are hooking. 8 of 10 btw in that game are hooking. That's the new NHL for ya.

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