Tuesday, February 6, 2007


No, this isn't a misprint Steve. It's the harsh reality of being a New York fan who bleeds a lot more Ranger blue than Knicks Orange and Blue and whatever that stupid ass song says which they stole from West Virginia.

But here's the point:

With their win tonight over the Clippers, the Knicks improved to 22-28 and only two out of the NBA playoffs. Kind of sad, huh? But it also speaks volumes when the team put together by Isiah Thomas, who btw is despised much more than Glen Sather, is a much more exciting product than the other outfit I root for which hasn't won in what feels like a century. Wins over the Bruins and Flyers don't count.

When the Knicks are a much better watch, that says it all. Maybe next time, I'll just watch them over the hockey club. I've had enough.

And if you want entertainment, listen to the NY Hockey Report tomorrow night. There are bound to be some fireworks:

NY Hockey Report

8:05-9 PM

See ya then.

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