Thursday, February 8, 2007

Kasparaitis A Team Player In Hartford

So you're veteran defenseman Darius Kasparaitis, who has cleared waivers probably ending your Ranger career. How do you feel? Well, I'm sure deep down, it has to hurt. But true to this warrior's character, he has been a good teammate down with the Hartford Wolf Pack.

How do we know? According to Outside The Garden's pack attack, Kaspar rented a bus and invited his entire team to watch the Super Bowl at his house. That's about as nice a story as you'll see.

A lot of players might sulk in a similar situation. But not Kaspar. Good for him.

Barnaby's Career Likely Done: It is sad to note that it looks like Matthew Barnaby's career is over. Due to a concussion suffered a month ago, according to The Dallas News, he might retire. According to what was said, he has occasionally lost sight in his left eye due to the concussion. It would be a disappointing end to a nice career. The former goon worked hard enough with his first team in Buffalo to evolve into a solid third liner who could chip in offensively as well as drop the gloves while providing energy. Barny wasn't popular with everyone. But the 13-plus year NHLer did pretty good for himself. In 834 career games, the 33 year-old Ottawa native finished with 113 goals, 187 assists for 300 total points. Not bad considering he amassed over 2500 penalty minutes and countless scraps playing for seven teams (Buf, Pit, TB, NYR, Col, Chi, Dal).

If it is the end of the road for the always chatty Barnaby, we wish him a full recovery and the very best regarding his future.

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