Monday, February 5, 2007

He's baaaaaaack...

Just when I thought I couldn't be more pumped for Tuesday's showdown. The plot just keeps on thickening for this one.

Now, the Avery trade already creates controversy because of certain activities (White, pwnage by Colin) back in November. To make it all the more better and exciting, the Devils have brought everyone's favorite back up from Lowell...

It's about friggin' time folks. #25 will be back for tomorrow night's game.

Before some further thoughts, let's watch said Whitian ownage of Mr. Avery

It's only made better by Daryl Reaugh's wordage. He later used the term "bicuspid rattler".

So we have some drama set up for tomorrow night's game. We have a new player on the Rangers whom I once did a report stating my case for why he is a bad role model for children (Grade: A) and the re-call of the Devils toughest player.

'Bout time we had some drama invade this rivalry, eh?

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