Saturday, February 3, 2007


I wasn't thinking of that Jamie. But rather your Jamie who sometimes a few impatient fans complain about when he's not finishing. I always wanted him on the Rangers. Naturally, they instead wound up with Todd "Heartbeat" Harvey. He was a hard worker but his game took too much of a pounding. I always was a huge Langenbrunner fan and am not surprised by how vital he's become in New Jersey. The definition of interchangeable.

As for Lundmark, I'm like you. I used to live in Connecticut and saw him dominate a few games for the Pack. I thought he had a future as a player. Then the Rangers mismanaged him. He finished his rookie year strong but then wound up buried on the fourth line thanks to the vet pivots in front (Lindros, Holik, Messier). He wound up lost in the shuffle and predictably lost confidence. He then was relocated to Phoenix for Jeff freaking Taffe. Is he even in hockey anymore? Then wound up with Calgary where he was a fourth liner. Now he's on his fourth team and I believe is 26 already. Good god. How time flies.

At ths juncture, I can't see him being more than a support player Steve. If he did better, that would be a great accomplishment.

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