Tuesday, February 6, 2007


That's all that can be said. That power play in OT was predictable. Same old tacky passes. The coach should be fired. He never changes personnel ever. Could he get a Hossa or Ortmeyer in there? At least they'll get dirty and make Brodeur bitch about something. Real coaches have balls. Tom Renney doesn't. He's a nice guy but is not the right fit for this team. I'd still take him in my organization. But clearly, someone else needs to be behind the bench.

As for the shootout, could they have gotten any lamer? I feel sorry that Shanahan has to play on this loser team. This is what he chose over Detroit. Sorry buddy. If I were him, I'd ask for a trade. He deserves to play on a Cup contender.

From my vantage point, if you can't beat the Devils when they play their C game and not even get a point against the Red Wings when they fail to show for the first two periods, you can't be taken seriously. That is this franchise which is still living off last year's run which ended in Torino. Mediocrity is the term. Other franchises such as the Devils, Wings, Stars, Sabres, Ducks, Sharks, Predators, Thrashers, Senators and Hurricanes aren't satisfied unless they are holding the best trophy in all of sports.

It does speak volumes when Jaromir Jagr, the supposed team captain doesn't even get to shoot in a game he actually scored in. Since I didn't see it since I was watching two real teams, I will just assume it changed five different directions like The Magic Bullet Theory and magically hopped off Pandolfo, Madden, White and then popped in the air over Brodeur into the net so Chico Resch could make an excuse. Awfully nice of him to not even acknowledge Lundqvist's big save on Gomez during that late NJ power play. The save allowed his team to get a point.

Honestly, with all the other teams winning, I'd rather just lose out. This team isn't making the playoffs. They should rename it prayoffs cause that's the only shot they got.

Since only one team is really worth discussing, a point on tonight's epic showdown which should be renamed epic letdown:

Cam Janssen- 2 shifts, 1:53

Colton Orr- 7 shifts, 3:20

What's the point?

And finally, two big hits (one by each side- Ward on Brylin and Lukowich on Prucha and somehow he got up) doesn't make it nasty. This was a good game because the officials decided not to take over until that soft call in OT on Paul Martin. Yes, I'm acknowledging that that wasn't enough to warrant a penalty given the situation. Not that Devil fans actually had to worry. If you have the Rangers a 4-on-1, they still would overpass and somehow manage not to score.

See ya'll tomorrow.

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