Friday, April 6, 2007

Your Guide to Saturday (It's gonna be a long day)

An Announcement:

I will be LiveBlogging all day tomorrow here on this site. Any info you need to know about the games going on here at BoNY.

Here are all the games that matter tomorrow.

1:00 PM
Isles vs. Philadelphia - FSNY and inHD
Why It Matters: The Isles need to win (and pray for help from Toronto) to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Buffalo vs. Washington
Why It Matters: Buffalo will keep the inside track to the President's Trophy with a win.

Chicago vs. Detroit
Why It Matters: If Buffalo loses, Detroit still has a shot at the President's Trophy.

4:00 PM
Vancouver vs. San Jose
Why It Matters: San Jose can win a division title with a win and an Anaheim loss. If Anaheim wins tonight in Dallas (1-0 Ducks in the 3rd), then San Jose can claim home ice in Round 1 against Nashville if they win and the Predators lose

7:00 PM
Montreal vs. Toronto
Why It Matters: The game of the year folks. If you can find a way to watch it, then do so. Montreal wins, they are in. If Toronto wins in OT, Montreal is in. If Toronto wins in regulation, they are in if the Isles lose to the Flyers. If the Isles win and Toronto wins in regulation, we wait for tomorrow, when the Isles play the Devs.

Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta, Pittsburgh vs. Rags, Sens-Bruins
Why It Matters: If Tampa wins and the Rags lose, we get Devils-Rags and Tampa-Thrash in Round 1. If the Rangers win, we get Tampa-Devs and Thrash-Rags. Senators win, they get home ice advantage, if they lose and the Pens win, Pittsburgh will host Ottawa.

Nashville vs. Colorado
Why It Matters: If Colorado wins, they are alive, if they lose, they are dead. If Calgary wins or loses in OT, they are dead. Nashville battles for home ice.

Edmonton vs. Calgary
Why It Matters: A chance for CGY to finish it, at home, against their Albertan rivals. A point would do it.

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