Sunday, April 29, 2007

More Liveblogging

5:34 PM Overtime is over, as Avery misses the net. OT Intermission report, take a short break, back in 15 minutes at 5:50 PM!!!!


5:32 pm Diluted 2-on-1 is broken up, Rangers now have possesion the other way. Nylander had one tipped wide by Jagr. 1 Minute left power play, Straka a backhander, Scramble in front! Nothing from it,loose puck, to the back, Roszival shot it wide!

5:31 PM Shanahan and Drury on the draw, it's cleared, one man outta the box, 5-on-4 Rangers.

5:31 PM What an atmosphere!

5:30 PM Timeout Rangers. :05 of a 5-on-3, then 1:55 Of a 5-on-4, 2:33 left in the Overtime. Renney's talking to his players on the bench.

5:29 PM Chance for the Sabres 2-on-1 Connolly couldn't get it away, Rangers take it back, they don't produce anything but the Sabres clear it OVER THE GLASS!! PENALTY ON BUFFALO!!! BRIEF 5-on-3 Followed by another 5-0n-4

5:28 PM :55 to go power play, Avery missed wide and they clear, puck into the mesh, 3:05 Period, :37 power play.

5:27 Roszival long bomb blocked by Miller. Offside Rags.

5:27 PM Buffalo clears with 90 seconds on the kill.

5:26 PM Here we go with a Ranger Power Play...

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