Saturday, April 21, 2007


Bro, you are being really unfair with your assessment of Holmqvist. He gave up one bad goal and it was off a two-on-one. The first goal went off someone. It also was a blown assignment by Tampa. Why would two defenders go to Rupp? He's not exactly a big threat. But he made a good play there.

Also, the Gionta tally was an end result of a horrible read by Pratt, giving away the puck while his team was late changing. The Devils took advantage of two costly Bolts' mistakes. You'll need more of an attack on Sunday to put that team away.

Brodeur was good but Matvichuk was the best player on the ice. Amazingly enough, he's your best defenseman. Go figure.

If you want to put Game One on Holmqvist, go right ahead. He was dreadful in that one. I think he's played fairly well since.

For more analysis on this game and the Sabres' elimination of the Islanders, please check out what we had to say last night:

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