Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rangers Dominate In Game Three

There really isn't much more to say. It was so awesome to be there last night! I am still trying to convince myself of what I saw. Wow!

I'm not going to post too much about this game because I already put too much into it over at my Hitting Back site. Here's a little excerpt with the full post over at HB if you want to check it out:

For a long time, many diehard Blueshirt fans including my Dad, brother, myself and buddy have been waiting for something like this to materialize over the past decade. That moment came Tuesday night in a chaotic atmosphere which ate it all up about as much as the Rangers ate up their mismatched opponents.

From the time you could barely hear the national anthem singer about midway through (an old tradition) to the game’s signature shift (yes it really was) which set the tone when Jaromir Jagr, who was brilliant all night setup Michael Nylander for the first of a playoff hat trick just 32 seconds in, the Garden was alive and rocking like it hasn’t in years.

However, there was a quote from Henrik Lundqvist which summed up his first playoff shutout as well as the team's play from 12 forwards to six D out perfectly:

"It felt like everything was working for us. It's not every night, especially not in the playoffs, when everything just seems to work for you."

It summed up what amounted to a perfect night for the Blueshirts as they pulled within one win of the second round. They know that Win No.4 won't be handed to them even if the Thrashers forgot to show up Tuesday. The fourth 'W' is always the hardest. They must come with the same type of effort tonight. Get a couple early and that could put Atlanta out of its misery. When you have a wounded animal down, you got to finish them! Plain and simple.

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