Monday, April 16, 2007

Devils and Isles fall 3-2

First of all, what utter classlessness from the Isles fans. Really, throwing things on the ice is absolutely un-called for. Just absolutely stupid.

The Devils, well, they let the Lecavalier line beat them. You can't let 4 or 5 players beat you. As for Marty, I'll defend him to the end, but he had to have at least one of those. The Devils played better, the Madden line was great, but the Parise line wasn't as good and the Eggs weren't good enough. Gotta play with some desperation on Thursday.

Isles also lost 3-2 to Buffalo and fall 2-1 in their series, and that penalty at the end just took the life out of this game and possibly the series. The Isles are still in it as well.

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