Saturday, April 14, 2007

Nashville and Dallas Even the Score

Great stuff in the Nashville-Dallas game. You can tell in these game twos, these series are starting to get nasty. Something that wasn't exactly true last year, but you can tell that it's not just the SJ-NSH rematch factor, this Minnesota-Anaheim series is loaded with hate as well.

Back to Nashville, they are certainly better prepared to take on the Sharks. But inexcusable stuff from Alex Radulov, with his hit from behind on Bernier. That's the one occasion where the nastiness and physical play went too far. He deserved his ejection. What a player he is though. Just maybe needs a lesson.

Watching Minnesota-Anaheim, A. Chris Cuthbert rules, B. WTF is Chris Kunitz thinking PULLING BRETT BURNS' HAIR. You just don't do that. You could tell that just ticked Burns the hell off and he started to wail on Kunitz like a fat kid to a vegan supermarket attendant.

Anaheim got the better in the end, capped with a beautiful Ryan Getzlaf rush. What a goal that was, just an incredible backhander. Skoula got taken to school on that one. This Minnesota team is playing absolutely uninspired hockey offensively. Getzlaf is the real deal though.

As for Dallas, jeez, they say the Devs play boring puck. After game 1, they sure toned down the excitement factor. Good for Marty Turco with his first playoff shutout.

I MAY be going to Game 2 tomorrow at the Swamp, more on that tomorrow.

NBC has Rags-Thrash Game 2 tomorrow, CI and most of the rest of the nation get Pens-Sens on NBC. Strader, Micheletti and Pang will call NYR-ATL, Doc, Eddie and Peter McNab (remember him old school Devs fans?) will call PIT-OTT.

Later that night, it's the Isles-Sabres game 2 (MSG for locals, VERSUS for out-of-towners) and as previously mentioned, Devs-Bolts game 2 on FSN.

I find it a little annoying that the Devils have an Ad for the NHL Playoffs on NBC and VERSUS on the dasher at the Meadowlands, when neither network will be airing a game of this series. Oh well.

See you all tomorrow.

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