Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Picks For Tonight

Here are my picks for just tonight's Game Ones:

I think Pittsburgh will begin their series victory with a statement game. 5-1 over Ottawa.

Nashville will win Game 1 against San Jose 4-3.

Vancouver will take Game 1 against Dallas 2-1.

Anaheim will get a 3-2 Double OT win over Minnesota.


Earl Sleek said...

Anaheim will get a 3-2 Double OT win over Minnesota.

Crap. Looks like I'm in for a long night.

Steve (Jersey) said...

Nothin' wrong with that, eh Earl? Wouldn't be opening night without a late game! I think I'm gonna choose that game with the Center Ice free preview instead of what VERSUS tells me I should watch.

Let's hope for 1 AM. Your time.

Earl Sleek said...

No, and I'm probably due for one. The last couple of playoff runs, the Ducks have played some mammoth OT games, but in consideration for the home fans, they have helpfully decided that all marathon games happen on the road.

OT playoff games Anaheim--2003 and 2006 (ranked by amount of OT):

1. 80:48 Game 1 @ DAL (ROAD)
2. 48:06 Game 1 @ MIN (ROAD)
3. 43:18 Game 1 @ DET (ROAD)
4. 16:30 Game 3 @ COL (ROAD)
5. 9:45 Game 1 @ CGY (ROAD)
6. 6:59 Game 3 v NJD (HOME)
7. 6:53 Game 3 v DET (HOME)
8. 1:44 Game 2 @ DAL (ROAD)
9. 1:36 Game 4 v CGY (HOME)
10. 0:39 Game 4 v NJD (HOME)

So yeah, I'm due for a long sit in the home seats, I guess.

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