Friday, April 20, 2007

Lucky or Good?

You decide. The Devils got the 3-0 shutout but it was hardly impressive. When you can't muster much offense while your opponent controls most of the action, can you really feel great about your team?

Martin Brodeur can because he did his job tonight picking up the shutout. The three-time Cup winner was much sharper. But even he would admit to getting some lucky breaks as the Lightning misfired on wide open shots a bunch of times and rang at least two posts. This easily could've been headed to OT. But instead, Brodeur's strong play along with the shotblocking of Richard Matvichuk allowed them to escape.

So is this series over? Find out what we think at 10 PM!

Meanwhile in Buffalo, speaking of lucky, the Sabres held on for dear life to win 4-3 over a gutsy Isles team who gave it all they had. They got it down to one and had several point blank chances to tie it. But it wasn't meant to be. And so Buffalo is marching on. But something tells me they are a really susceptible team. I want them in the second round! Make it happen Devils. I can't believe I said that. LOL

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