Monday, April 16, 2007

Devils-Lightning Preview

The Devils really need to take this game if they are serious about winning the series. Tonight at the St. Pete Times Forum (7PM, FSNY2, WFAN) will be probably their biggest game of the season. Hopefully some Floridian Devil fans will be in attendance (I Know you are down there, cheer on the Devs!) but the 20,000 plus at Hockey Bay, USA will be rough for the team to deal with.


1. Stop Lecavalier and St. Louis. I don't care if you have to split up Pando and Madden. I don't care if it ruins our offensive game. If you are able to stop Lecavalier and St. Louis for 2 periods, chances are, they will get frustrated and be coerced into taking some penalties. That leads into...

2. Special Teams. This is where we have to do our scoring against the Lightning. We need to slow them down on defense before anything else, but getting goals on the PP and shutting down the Lightning on the PK would be a huge boost.

3. Marty. Marty, I love ya man, you're the greatest ever, but you gotta step it up. You were a little shaky in Game 1, and in Game 2 you gave up that awful St. Louis goal. You have to make this your statement game Marty. Also, no more falling down on the ice.

4. The EGG Line. If they are together tonight, they have to look somewhat interested. They were terrible on Saturday and left Parise and Langs to do all the work. Gomez, Gio and Patty must, must, must be a factor tonight if the Devils are going to win this game.

5. The Refs. The refs were putrid in Game 2. That high stick on Luko and a hold on Elias have no business not being called. There has to be better officiating in Game 3 or else the Devils could be in trouble.

PREDICTION: I gotta pick the Devils. You all know that. 3-2 in Game 3. Gionta breaks through, and Parise and Elias get the others.

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