Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Random Notes From NBC's Call

Gary Galley will call the Devs-Lightning for CBC.

The Devils-Lightning Game 1 could be streamed on CBC.ca

Don and Brett will appear on the opposing networks. Don will be on NBC during the Finals.

Don admired the Islanders, disappointed that Brodeur wasn't in, but Clemmer played well. They won it fair and square, he likes Brendan Witt. Isles/Sabres will be a dandy series, doesn't think there'll be too many penalties in the Rags/Thrashers.

Brett "I'm gonna look better than my dad".

Is America ready for Don Cherry?Brett "I think they are."

Don "What I say up here I would never get away with it down states".

Brett compares Don to Steven A. Smith

Don said going on in the afternoon would cost the CBC 1 million viewers.

Brett thinks the Ducks' biggest test will be the Wild. Minnesota is playing as good as any team in the NHL.

The reception for Brett in Buffalo would be "horrendous"

Brett - not really much you can do about the Blackhawks. Don - It hurts the NHL when you have LA, Chicago and Boston out. For the NHL to get recognized, you have to have them in.
Dale Tallon's doing what he has to do. The NHL really wants to get the Blackhawks back in.
Don - "I gotta root for the Canadian teams." He likes Calgary, they remind him of old time hockey.

CBC Streaming will not be in the US.

Calgary is Brett's dark horse.

NBC will continue half-hour pre-game show before all games.

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