Sunday, April 29, 2007

Overtime Liveblog

5:25 PM Prucha blocks a shot, here come the Rangers, a save by Miller on Callahan, another try was blocked!

5:24 PM
Big chances for the Rangers lately, the tide seems to be turning.

5:22 PM 7:10 to go in Overtime. Very cautious still, the Sabres are being very cute on this one.

5:21 PM Long shot on goal is stopped by Miller, Rangers clear the puck and the PENALTY IS KILLED!

5:21 PM Wonderful work by the Rangers on this kill. Offside on the Sabres, :30 to go on the man-advantage for Buffalo in Overtime.

5:20 PM Cleared by NYR with 1:10 to go.

5:20 PM This is the Sabres 6th consecutive power play uneventful through 40 secs.

5:19 PM 8th Power play for the Sabres, they are 1-7 this afternoon.

5:18 PM Malik is off for I believe a hook.

5:17 PM Nylander and Hossa! Two shots , big stops. Stafford centered one off of Lundy and a PENALTY ON THE RANGERS!

5:16 PM Rachunek blocked a Briere shot. Wrister by Hecht went wide.

5:16 PM Shots are 4-2 Buffalo in OT

5:15 PM Prucha fed it to Rachunek for a shot, then another that Spacek blocked. Oh, it is tense right now.

5:14 PM Drury a big shot the Lundqvist stopped.

5:14 PM Buffalo gets it out.

5:13 PM Isbister a brilliant pass to Jagr and he missed it. Rangers with possesion as Tyutin shoots wide.

5:12 PM Offside Rangers

5:12 PM Cullen shot one wide.

5:11 PM Tyutin a big shot that got the glass.

5:10 PM Icing on Buffalo

5:09 PM A feed in front went through Nylander and a few seconds later, the Rangers go offside

5:08 PM Offside BUF, they get a change.

5:08 PM Stoppage in play as the puck was frozen.

5:07 PM Afinogenov's backhander wouldn't go. Icing on the Rangers.

5:06 PM Callahan fed one to Cullen that he couldn't handle, Callahan and Prucha combined for a chance in front that Miller stopped and covered.

5:05 PM Briere a shot that Lundqvist blocked down and covered. Nobody wants to risk too much right now. Somewhere, an NBC exec sweats.

5:03 PM That crazy deflection hit the post!

5:03 PM Timeout Sabres

5:02 PM Betts took one that took a crazy deflection on goal that Miller kicked away. Kotalik took a huge hit and iced the puck.

5:01 PM Kotalik the first shot, shrugged away by Lundy.

4:59 PM Briere came right out in front untouched, but the net dislodged.

4:59 PM Here we go...OT at the Garden has begun!

4:58 PM Pierre McGuire says that Brendan Shanahan told him that the ice was as bad as it's been here all year.

4:56 PM I really hate that Comcast Spiderman commercial. Is that comedian Zach Galifinakis as the Spidey dude?

4:55 PM Commercial during OT here, 1-1 is our score of course. Jagr for NYR, Briere with a possible tip from HG Chris Drury for BUF. NBC looks to be sticking with this game for the duration. I remember FOX going with a Philly-Florida game through 3 OTs, but I can't imagine NBC staying with this game past 6PM for local news.

Possible locations? VERSUS? USA? MSNBC? CNBC? If anyone knows of a precedent for this, leave a comment or E-Mail at and we will try and get it to the readers as soon as possible.

More coming up very, very shortly.

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