Saturday, April 14, 2007

Absolutely Horrendous

Yay! Another game where only Parise and Langenbrunner show up.

Only this time, it's in a big playoff game!

The Devils easily could've one this, if the EGG line plays to half it's potential (see: Game 1) the Devils take that game. The Lightning ARE NOT a better team than the Devils.

Thumbs Up: Parise and Langenbrunner. The two best players on the ice. Zajac was very poor tonight, but Jamie and Zach showed up. They were physical and played with a lot of speed. They were the reason the Devs had a chance.

Thumbs Down: Sergei Brylin. I hate to say it, I really do. But Sarge, you've been atrocious these first two games. Poor man looks lost. All of a sudden, he's turning it over and playing poor defensively. I hope he picks it up, or else there's a spot on the 4th line that Jim Dowd or Eric Rasmussen would gladly let him take.

We can win this series. We could've won this game. We need to win 2 in Tampa. Not one, two. We need to at least win game 3. Our whole season could depend on Game 3.


Congrats to the New York Islanders. Didn't see any of their game, but absolutely great that they were able to tie their series. I predicted it would go 6, unlike the many who said sweeps and 5 game wins for BUF. Do not count this club out. Do not.

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