Friday, April 20, 2007

Very, Very Good

Yay. Devils hockey is back.

Yeah, some shots went wide, but most of the shot's were from well out. Brodeur did a great job stopping the first shot and preventing the rebounds from happening.

The 2 key differences in this game were Richard Matvichuk and Johan Holmqvist. Matvichuk was spectacular tonight, blocking shots left and right, and never really going down to the ice to have to do it.

As for Holmqvist, he should've stopped both of those first two goals. So much for Marty's stock falling and Holmqvist "Out-playing" Brodeur. Count it as now 2 games that Holmqvist has lost by himself. Brodeur wasn't the sole reason the Devs lost Game 2 & 3, Holmqvist very well may have been the reason Tampa lost Game 1 as well as tonight.

We're in good position right now. With Sunday's game moved to 1:00 P.M. (NBC), this one will come quick and there'll be little chance for the Lightning to pick up the pieces. I think the Devils come out and win Game 6.


... For the 5th consecutive game, the team that scores first, wins.

...18,096 at the Meadowlands tonight. They're drawing at the level that they've drawn for non-division rival playoff series.

02-03 vs. Boston: 16,718 in 3 Home Games in Rd 1.
02-03 vs. Tampa: 17,304 in 3 Home Games in Rd 2.
05-06 vs. Carolina: 17,223 in 2 Home Games in Rd 2.
06-07 vs. Tampa: 16,940 in 3 Home Games in Rd 2.

This may not look like much, but Game 1 hurt us. Those previous 3 series did not draw an audience as high as Games 2 & 5 have this time, so the Devs are OK. I wouldn't be shocked if we sold out a Game 7.

...David Clarkson was on the roster, but didn't dress tonight.

...Cam Janssen was again a healthy scratch.

...Game 6 in Tampa Bay will be on Sunday afternoon at 1:00 PM. NBC will televise the game to a national audience. Mike Emrick, Eddie Olczyk and Pierre McGuire will call the game. If necesary, Game 7 will be Tuesday night in New Jersey and air on FSNY.

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