Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hard Hits Previews NHL Playoffs Live Tonight

That's right. I'll be over at Blogtalk Radio hosting my hour long playoff special. It starts in less than 20 minutes from now. We'll be analyzing the locals' chances in each of their respective series and also breaking down last nite's action as well as making our Cup pick.

Check it all out here:

Hard Hits

P.S. Steve. Just a correction. It's Eric Perrin. And also, beware of Jason Ward. He's been getting 2nd line duty as well as PP and PK time. He could be a factor in your series.

Also, penalties shouldn't be much of an issue since you're talking about the two least penalized teams in hockey. Tampa wasn't shorthanded that much more than the Devs.

It could come down to even-strength. Watch for Tampa's blueline to jump into the rush.

I kind of disagree with Tort's move to not have Denis backup. That seems crazy but he's not your normal coach. Maybe he knows something we don't.

Enjoy the games!

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