Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Thrashers Game

I watched the end of that Steve. The Thrashers definitely should've tied it. But they also did a poor job getting shots. When you have that many players out there, sometimes you tend to look for that perfect play. We saw a similar thing happen to the Rangers last night late in OT.

You have to get shots through and make the goalie beat you. In both cases, each team failed and it cost them. For the Rangers, a chance to clinch that playoff spot without any real pressure. For Atlanta, any points which could've helped them get that much closer to a division title and a three seed as well as home ice.

The Thrashers did get a bad call on that high stick with seven and change to play. It was a weak call if I ever saw one and wiped out a goal. Still though, they got it back on a nice shorthanded finish by Andy Sutton. Plus they had every chance to tie in the final two-plus minutes.

As for that story Steve, honestly who cares. I couldn't believe what I read before from my co-host. Talk about carrying on. Sometimes, this rivalry thing goes a bit too far.

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