Wednesday, April 4, 2007

NBC, VERSUS Playoff Plans

NBC and VERSUS Playoff Plans

NBC will air games on 10 Dates during the playoffs this season, up from 7 last year. They will air up to 8 Conference QuarterFinal games, 4 Conference Semi-Final Games, and 2 Conference Final Games. Times will vary. NBC will air (On TV, not the web) a 30-minute Pre-Game show prior to their first playoff games on Saturday, April 14. Bill Clement will host, and Brett Hull, Ray Ferraro and Pierre McGuire will analyze. The show will air at 2:30 PM ET. At 3:00 PM ET, NBC will air two First Round Game 2's, likely featuring New Jersey and Anaheim as the home teams.

Here's NBC's Complete Playoff Setup:
4/14 2:30 PM NBC NHL Playoff Special
4/14 3:00 PM Conference Quarterfinals Game 2
4/15 1:00 PM Conference Quarterfinals Game 3
4/21 3:00 PM Conference Quarterfinals Game 6
4/22 1:00 PM Conference Quarterfinals Game 6
4/28 3:00 PM Conference Semifinals Game 2
4/29 2:00 PM Conference Semifinals Game 2
5/5 2:00 PM Conference Semifinals Game 5 (NOTE: If game runs past 4:30 ET, coverage will switch to VERSUS due to Kentucky Derby)
5/6 2:00 PM Conference Semifinals Game 6
5/19 2:00 PM Eastern Conference Finals Game 4
5/20 3:00 PM Western Conference Finals Game 5

Mike Emrick, Eddie Olczyk and Pierre McGuire will call most games. When necesary, Dave Strader and Chris Cuthbert will provide play-by-play with analysts Brian Hayward, Joe Micheletti, Peter McNab, Darren Pang, Cammi Granato and Brett Hull.

Now, as for VERSUS

They will air DH's Every night that it is possible to do so. Plus Games 1-3 and 5-7 of the East Final, and Games 1-4 and 6-7 of the West Final. Games 1-2 of the Cup Finals will also air on VERSUS. Mike Emrick and Eddie Olczyk will be their top team. VERSUS will use numerous announcers and analysts, and have current players as guest analysts in the studio.

They will air a 30-Minute Pre-Game as well on April 11th before their Opening Night Doubleheader, and also on April 26th, when the 2nd round begins. They will once again use CBC feeds for games in Western Canada up until the Conference Finals.

The schedule will be out late Sunday, early Monday. Enjoy.

Derek, again man, we should wrap about what were gonna do for the playoffs. Derek and I don't speak for like, large gaps at a time, and then we talk non-stop when we do. Funny, it's usually when the Rangers are winning that he doesn't talk ;-).

Also, as for the Isles girl, it was probably water bottle squeezing gone arye.

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