Thursday, April 5, 2007

NHL Tonight

I agree with Derek. Calgary's going to give Detroit a lot of trouble if they hang on. They have the Sharks tonight, so we shall say. Colorado has...Vancouver? Again? Jeez. Luongo chases Parent as well tonight.

The Devils are Philthy to take on the Flyers. Marty looks to be the first to break Parent's record in the city where he was such a legend. Should be fun.

Now to the important games. Isles-Leafs at the Mausoleum on FSN2. Rangers-Habs at the Garden on MSG. Simple as this. If the Habs get a point, the Isles are done. If the Isles win and the Habs fail to get a point, they have life. If both the Habs and Leafs win, the Rangers and Lightning are in trouble.

Enjoy your Hockey.

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