Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Kovalchuk Benching Plus Guarantee

Steve, I honestly have no idea because I didn't watch the whole game. But when I flipped it on, he was out there at the end trying to get the tying goal. Of course, how could one argue with that in a 6-on-3 situation. He's one of the Thrashers' best finishers.

If he did get benched, he must've really ticked off Hartley.

Regarding that comment about how we never talk when my team wins, go figure. There's really no logical explanation for what I do. But lately, I've been keeping busy.

Ducks had a great first period against San Jose before. They really looked tip top. It's now 2-1. So I guess the Sharks finally woke up. It is somewhat big as I believe they're still within striking distance of Anaheim for the Pacific.

I'm going to make another guarantee Steve. And this one is a playoff one. Barring a crazy collapse and the Avs running the table, I'm going on record as saying that whoever Calgary plays in the first round out West will be eliminated. It's now on file!

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