Saturday, April 7, 2007

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8:04 PM Still Scoreless, NYR and Pittsburgh

7:51 PM No Changes in score from what we've previously reported.

7:49 PM Period is over. 2-1 Leafs. 10 seconds to go power play.

7:46 PM Penalty on the Canadiens. Kostitsyn. Power Play Leafs.

7:45 PM Maloney subbing for Joe Mich on the Ranger game. Who could be on the radio side?

7:42 PM No, it is Antropov. The Rangers are underway in Pittsburgh.

7:41 PM SCORE! Toronto on a deflection that Huet should've gotten. I believe it is Sundin.

7:38 PM Scores Around The League
ANA - 2
CLB - 1
Everything else is the same

7:36 Leave some comments or email me at to ask me some questions about the games all night long.

7:34 PM So we have a 1-1 tie on Higgins' 21st. The kid from Long Island ties it.

7:32 PM SCORE! Chris Higgins! Tie Game! What a goal, he deked Kaberle outta his shorts.

7:31 PM BC and Michigan St. are scoreless late in the 1st.

7:27 PM It's gonna be a fun night folks. Midway through all the firsts and what action!

7:25 PM Other Scores





7:24 PM On a feed from Perrault, Battaglia ripped it home. 1-0 Leafs.

7:21 PM Battaglia Scores!

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