Saturday, April 7, 2007

2nd Period Blog

8:45 PM The horn blows and we have a very different story than when we began the 1st. It's 5-4 Canadiens after two. We'll give you the scores, then start over again for the 3rd Period.

8:43 PM Penalty on Montreal. Johnson will go off and Toronto has a chance to tie this game.

8:41 PM Coliacavo SCORE! 5-4 now, a weird bounce of a MTL stick pops in and we have a hockey game.

8:38 PM 2-1 Tampa now, Kozlov just missed tying the game. 2-0 Minnesota over STL.

8:34 PM Penalty on Toronto, Kilger's off. Leafs gotta' do something to stop the bleeding. A kill or a shorthanded goal would be huge here. SCORE! Higgins, 5-3.

8:25 PM 2-0 Tampa.

8:24 PM Ottawa leads Boston 4-2, Anaheim over Columbus 3-1, Boston College 1, Michigan State 0, Florida 4-1 over Carolina

8:23 PM Montreal Penalty, Toronto to the Power Play.

8:17 PM HAT TRICK! Michael Ryder, it is 4-3. At a scramble in front, Ryder digs and digs and finally it rolls in.

8:14 PM SCORE! TIE GAME! Ryder again. Still time on the 5 on 4 as the games at 3-3.

8:12 PM Another Penalty. The #1 Power play in the league will have a 5-on-3. Gill and Kubina are in the box. 1:23 of 5 vs 3

8:11 PM Penalty to the Leafs, Montreal to the Power Play.

8:09 PM SCORE! 3-2 Toronto, Michael Ryder scores 36 seconds later! A high shot that makes 28 on the year for Ryder.

8:07 PM 3-1 Toronto! Alex Steen, his 1st goal in 14 games.

8:06 PM For questions, leave one in the comment section, or e-mail me at

8:05 PM Getting ready for the 2nd Period in a bunch of games, also St. Louis and Minnesota is starting, and the Rangers are about to go shorthanded.

we'll blog by period folks.


Mike Chen said...

Steve, just popping by to say hello and make sure you haven't lost your mind halfway through this. Great job so far!

Steve (Jersey) said...

Not quite yet, Mike! We'll see what happens after Edmonton-Calgary!

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