Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Great Saturday Live Blog

1:17 PM Satan Scores!! A howitzer from the top circle and the Isles lead 1-0 on the PP.

1:07 PM Nittymaki is in net for Philly.

1:02 PM Billy Jaffe to Howie Rose: "Go back to baseball!"

1:00 PM - Here we go...!!!

12:57 PM - Dubliewicz got his first NHL win in Philadelphia, so possibly a good omen for the Icelanders today.

12:48 PM - No offense to Coyotes-Kings, but THE game at 4:00 p.m. will be Canucks-Sharks. Dubliewicz is in goal for NYI today.

12:46 PM - The 1:00 p.m. games today are and will be followed in this order:
1. NY Islanders - Philadelphia
2. Buffalo - Washington
3. Chicago - Detroit

12:44 PM - Watching the Isles Pregame at the moment. Ted Nolan "There's no room for error anymore...let's just worry about doing well".

11:38 PM - So it's begun, we've gotten the live blog started. Were an hour and 22 minutes away from the great Saturday hockey showdown. Or...something. I'll be here all day, Derek may chip in every now and then and we may have some guests once in a while. Stick around, leave comments and questions, and I'll answer them during breaks between action.

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