Thursday, October 18, 2007

This is what they scratched Malik for?

To come out flat against the only winless team in hockey who already axed their coach?

Two Atlanta goals. Undisciplined penalties and no defensive coverage.

Ranger fans have always wanted Marek Malik scratched. It should be an easy win, right?

Steve, Gionta is a cheap player. He intentionally went into Fleury and the goalie had no chance. How could you not see that? Why no reply on the other points to the view being obscured?

Let's just say you're wearing your team colors and leave it at that. Back to the game.

Lehtonen who looked razor sharp is out after robbing a couple of Blueshirts. He left with an injury. Hedberg who has played well in the past against the Rangers at Phillips Arena is in.

Still 2-0. Nearly three as they allowed Brian Little to break in untouched.

Will Ranger fans blame Malik? Stay tuned.

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