Saturday, October 20, 2007

Devils GameDay: NJ vs. NYI, 7PM, FSNY 2/FSN, WFAN

Two more games and seven to get to The Rock. I will be heading their about 4:30-6:00, so I'll try and get a few pictures off while I'm there.

This would be a pretty big win for New Jersey. Going to the Garden at 4-4 would be a lot more reassuring than going in 3-5. The Islanders are a hott team, but if you can stop Comrie-Guerin-Fedetenko, there's not much past it. The Devils played the Isles well last season, taking 6 of 8 from the blue and orange and outscoring them only 17-14. Among Devils last year still with the team, Jamie Langenbrunner lead the team in scoring vs. NYI with 1-6-7 (He's useless for another month), while Parise had 4-2-6, Elias 2-4-6 and Pandolfo 1-5-6. John Madden had four goals against the Isles last year. Marty shut out the Islanders 3 times, and beat them 6 times letting in 6 goals.

Devils can't just play solid road periods, they have to beat it into the Isles heads that they are a hungry team and will not be stopped offensively. Push that "new" Devils philosiphy of offense early, go back to the D when necesary. Also, Marty must rebound. He's gotta pitch a classic tonight.

Prediction: Not Quite...Devils 5, Islanders 3

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