Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rangers v. Ottawa

Sorry for not being around for the game tonight. I haven't seen any of it, and might not get a chance to at all. Three goals from Ottawa in 52 seconds in the second period is tough to swallow. Jagr scored from Gomez though, which is a good sign.

As for where I was. I was actually at the Wolfpack v. Syracuse Crunch game out in Syracuse tonight. The Wolfpack looked great at times. Greg Moore hustles to every puck, Nigel Dawes was impressive, Darius Kasparaitis scored, Al Montoya was sharp, Artem Anisimov played extremely well and I was very impressed with Alex Bourret's play. Al Montoya was nice enough to take a picture with me out in the rain after the game while others like Kaspar, Sauer and Jessiman stuck around as well to sign stuff for fans. Mitch Fritz was a scratch, and we passed him in the trainer's room several times, cheering for him each time. He smiled and shook hands with my friend on the way out. It was a good time, and the Pack won 5-3.

The Rangers are off until Thursday, when they travel to Atlanta to play the Thrashers.


Robby Bonfire said...

You might mention Baranka, too. Plus 3 for the night.

Lenny said...

I did forget Baranka, sorry. The only problem I had with him was him not shooting the puck on the power play. He had a bunch of chances to shoot, but didn't. Other than that he was solid as well. Thanks.

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