Saturday, October 20, 2007


So far, there's absolutely nothing doing in this game. If you're a Blueshirts fan, what a waste so far. The offense is pathetic. They can't even get shots on Boston backup Manny Fernandez. The power play is awful. How about just a freaking quality chance guys?

It's clearly not working. Drury and Gomez continue to be wasted. If not for a highway robbery by Henrik Lundqvist on Marc Savard with an open net where King Henrik slid across and made an amazing glove stop, Boston would be ahead 1-0, which actually might have been enough considering that the Rangers have maybe 10 shots through half the game against Claude Julien's improved Bruins who are playing great team D. Why was Julien fired again?

Brendan Shanahan can't hit the net from 18 feet out. What's he still doing on the power play?

At least Renney came to his senses and flipped Dubinsky with Betts.

This has been almost as boring as last nite's Jackets-Sabres game.

Shots are 12-12 and no score with 6:26 left in the second.

Nigel Dawes again looks good.

Malik's back in.

That's about it.

Well, we're back. After 40 minutes, still no score. The Rangers had a big 5-on-3 kill late in the stanza. Chara and Savard missed the net on one-timers and Michal Rozsival broke up a setup for a cutting Glen Murray and cleared the zone.

Both Fernandez and Lundqvist have each stopped 14 shots in what's been a tightly contested battle with both team's power plays fizzling out, combining to go 0-for-10 thus far.

One goal is probably going to do it given how it's been played and how each netminder has looked.

Be back after.

The Rangers continued to drive their fans nuts with another baffling offensive display that was on par with Notre Dame.

They scored no goals in 65 total minutes against the Boston backup Fernandez who entered with a 5.00 GAA and sub-.800 save percentage. You can't make it up.

And what's worse? That despite playing a good third in which they outshot the Bruins 11-4 and out chanced their opponents at The Fleet Center, they couldn't find the back of the net.

The best chance came off the stick of rookie Brandon Dubinsky, who despite less than nine minutes of ice-time (why???) was one of the best players and made a great individual effort to go around two Bruins and force Fernandez to make a tough stop on a backhand from in tight.

Each team finished 0-for-6 on the man-advantage as the penalty killing units thwarted them with diligent backchecking and solid goaltending.

The game wound up in OT. Despite Nigel Dawes logging his most time in an NHL game with over 16:00, he somehow didn't see the ice in 4-on-4 along with Dubinsky. How is that even possible when once again the team's veteran leading stars Jagr, Shanahan, Drury and Gomez hardly generated anything?

With apologies to Drury and Gomez who did try unlike the other two. It just wasn't good enough to get as many shifts and over 20 minutes of ice.

Tom Renney is a good coach who's very well spoken and usually has a good read on what went wrong in losses. But sometimes, the game decisions he makes can be baffling.

Such was the case in OT by not using the two kids and Petr Prucha who's one of their faster and more effective forwards in 4-on-4.

Also, how are the lines going to have any semblance of chemistry when the coach continues to mix and match? It can't work if you don't give it a chance.

The Rangers missed the net 13 times (Jagr-2, Shanahan-2, Drury-1, Gomez-1).

They also missed twice not even testing Fernandez in a shootout with only Jagr's stuff attempt coming close. Why was Shanahan even out there? He has no hands right now and looks washed up. It's like expecting Britney Spears to stay sober and take responsibility.

It was fitting that he, Drury (wide) and Jagr would be the three guys who failed while Phil Kessel delivered in the Boston 1-0 shootout win.

See ya'll next time.

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