Thursday, October 25, 2007

So Much for Dane Byers...

As you can see Steve has picked up my slack and even included the most flattering pictures of Jaromir Jagr and Scott Gomez in his game preview. Since I only have a few minutes, I figured I'd pass this along.

Dane Byers was not called up, but neither was anyone else. The first two lines are as Steve stated, with the third line and fourth line comprising of:

Dawes - Dubinski - Hollweg
Orr - Betts - Strudwick

Now, Strudwick isn't a natural winger, but he has played before for Vancouver, and when he was 5 years old. So the scoring problem has obviously been addressed with him in the lineup. It could get feisty tonight, especially if offense for the Rangers comes as often as it has the last two games.

Thomas Pock also cleared waivers. He will play in Hartford for now, but I don't see him passing through re-entry on the way back up. He will most likely be traded. Enjoy tonight's game.

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