Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bad News Piles on for the Rangers (Updated)

-Updated 6:50 pm
---- Ryan Callahan is out indefinately. Grade 2 knee sprain. Word is that the Rangers will bring up a right handed shot, which means no Greg Moore and no Alex Bourret. Dane Byers looks like the likely candidate now, based on what he did this preseason. More as soon as I find it.

As if the Rangers needed more problems, Ryan Callahan may have sprained his knee when he collided with Nigel Dawes last night right after hitting the post. The young right winger missed practice today to be evaluated. When I find something new out, I'll pass it along.

Thomas Pock was also placed on waivers around 1:30 today. My guess is they will try to trade him, because he made it very obvious that he would not be happy playing in Hartford.

The Rangers could be making two call ups for tomorrow's tilt against the Devils. If I had to guess, I would say it's two of Dane Byers, Greg Moore and David Liffiton. Although I think Liffiton has to pass through re-entry waivers. We'll see what happens. More when I know it.


Staind890 said...

you mean david liffiton? just a small correction from ranger fan to ranger fan.

Lenny said...
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Lenny said...

Thanks. I was stuck on Greg Moore still I guess. I'll fix it.

IslesEnforcer said...

I hope Byers gets the call. I like the kid and I think he has a decent upside. He can also provide a spark for a team that desperately needs it at this point.

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