Friday, October 12, 2007

Rangers vs Capitals (Updated)

Game Over - Rangers win 3-1. I thought it was great that Orr and Hollweg stayed away from Brashear tonight. No need to fight just because Brashear is a goon. Hollweg again showed flashes of his Wolfpack days, when he was a goal scoring machine. He's going to put in a few this year, I'm sure of it. I really agree with Sam Rosen's comment that Tyutin and Girardi are a number one defense pairing. They were shut down defenders again tonight.

Overall great game for the Rangers. They need to keep it up against a tough Ottawa team tomorrow. Until tomorrow...

2nd Intermission - I'm going to try putting the updates at the top of the post from now on. It looks a little nicer.

Still 3-1 Rangers, but it was almost 4-1. Prucha deflected a Tyutin shot, but it was ruled that his stick was too high, which it was. That call was correct but the officials have made some gaffes this game. They missed a blatant interference on Jagr in the first, and a nasty slash on Hollweg this period. Still the Rangers have managed 8 power plays.

They were flying again that period, increasing their shot total to 36. The only criticisms that I have are the not getting in the face of Morrison, who leveled Jagr, or Pothier, who slashed Hollweg. Also, Paul Mara needs to be on the bench when Ovechkin is on the ice. Ovechkin is a great hockey player, but Mara looks ridiculous when he's trying to cover him. Staal did a much better job and someone like Girardi would be able to cancel him out much better. Until the 3rd...

Hey all. The Rangers are currently at the 1st intermission against the Caps leading 3-1. The Rangers have 3 power play goals after starting the season 0-19 with the man advantage. They have gotten goals from Gomez, Straka and Roszival and Jagr has 3 assists. Ovechkin has the lone Washington goal.

This 1st period showed the team the Rangers can, and should be every night. Let's hope they keep it up. I'll check back in after the 2nd.

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The Dark Ranger said...

This was finally a hockey game. Solid performance by the Blueshirts -- hopefully tomorrow they can maintain the system, the grid, and a want and need to be on the same team together.

It felt good tonight. The King was Right On Too.

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