Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rangers vs. Thrashers

8:45 -Still 3-0 Thrashers. It seems like the Rangers always run into the hot goalie. Bottom line is the defense is full of holes. Tyutin and Girardi are a great combination but even they will falter sometimes. Roszival is playing a bad game, as is Pock. Pock we can chalk up to rust, Roszy has no excuse. They need to get on the same page and the offense needs to build some chemistry. Pronto.

8:23 - Apparently if you are skating backwards with the puck over the blueline, the linesman can rule it onsides. I had no idea of that rule. Learn something new everyday.

8:20 - 3-0 Atlanta. Todd White was extremely offsides, but the Rangers are playing sloppy, sloppy defense. I said in the beginning of the year if they were going to be successful, the defense needed to be better than last year. That is not the case so far this season, but especially not this game. The offense is playing well, we just haven't buried any.

7:45 - End of period one. 2-0 Atlanta. Pascal Dupuis and Slava Kozlov scored for the Thrashers, who came out playing hard, and the Rangers were flat. Good news for the Rangers is they had a lot of opportunities. Bad news is so did Atlanta. They have to tighten up defensively and put some through on Hedberg the rest of the way out.

Update 7:35 - Kari Lethonen is out of goal and Johan Hedberg is in. Sam and Joe are saying it is a groin injury, which is good news for the Rangers. Thomas Pock has a lot of rust right now, and is a disaster waiting to happen.

The Rangers and Thrashers are squaring off right now on MSG and the hungry Thrashers are already off to a 2-0 lead.

Thomas Pock lost his stick on the first goal, failing to recover in time. The second goal was scored on a 5 on 3 power play, which was a very questionable call on Ryan Callahan, and a really weak interference call on Petr Prucha. The Thrashers have come out flying, and it has taken a little over 10 minutes for the Rangers to wake up.

Nigel Dawes looks great so far, and Tyutin and Girardi are the 1st pairing on defense. I'll update again in a bit.

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