Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rangers vs. Bruins to be Played at 4PM Today

Today's Rangers vs Bruins game is being pushed up to 4 PM (Eastern time) today. Some team called the Boston Red Sox are playing at 8 PM, and I guess fans were unhappy with the conflict. (Sorry. Die hard Yankee fan.)

The only difference this really makes is that I might be able to catch the game. It was originally scheduled to be blacked out for the Buffalo game, but I'm not sure that's the case now. I do have to work until 6 though, so I will provide a recap if I get to see it after I am done watching the recording.

I don't have anything concrete, but I would expect Malik back in, Dawes still in and possibly Valiquette getting a start. The Rangers have a few tough games next week in New Jersey, Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay. I would expect if Valiquette doesn't start today, he'll start Saturday the 27th when we play Toronto. Lundqvist could use a day off.

Back later on for a recap.

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