Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rangers vs Toronto Gamethread

9:25 - Game Over. Kilger added an empty net goal for Toronto. 4-1 final in New York. Once the Rangers find the offensive groove, they will be a really good team. I just don't know how long you can wait. They need Sean Avery in this lineup. Other than that, I'm out of ideas.

9:12 - Not much of a third period so far. With just over 5 minutes to go the Leafs don't have a shot on goal and the Rangers have only 5. A Gomez-Drury- Jagr line should be frightening to opposing teams, but it failed to generate anything offensive. The Garden is now not even booing. They're just out of it.

9:00 - I don't know how Jagr missed that open net. Toskala was down and out and Jagr's backhander went right through the crease. The Garden is booing too, which is never good to hear.

8:32 - In a span of only a few minutes, the Rangers have had 2 defensive breakdowns which led to 2 goals for Toronto. Both of them were avoidable. End of period 2. Rangers have to play a much better 3rd period to win this game.

8:13 - 1-1 after a Pavol Kubina just scored from Blake and Kaberle.

8:05 - That's what we need from Jagr. Nice goal. Nice shift before that by the fourth line. Someone needs to remind Toronto that they need to shoot to be able to score.

8:00 - Second period's about to start, but just wanted to pass along that Bergeron suffered a broken nose and a concussion on the play, but is conscious, and moving all of his limbs after a scary few hours. Back on the Ranger front, Rangers on the power play, Drury just hit the post. I don't think the call on Sundin is a penalty, much like Joe Michelleti in the booth.

7:41 End of first period - How about that? A scoreless period for the Rangers. Good defensive period. Both teams looked good at times. Some good saves by Toskala. Lundqvist wasn't tested too badly.

Update 7:22 - "Great defensive play by Jagr." Yep. Those words really did just come out of Sam Rosen's mouth. And it was well deserved. Jagr broke up a breakaway. Halfway through 0-0.

I'll be here throughout the game. Same lineups as Thursday for the Rangers, and the Leafs are without Tucker and McCabe. I'll send updates frequently.

Also, Randy Jones had a vicious hit on Patrice Bergeron this afternoon. Bergeron was taken off the ice in a stretcher without moving. Jones will undoubtedly be suspended, and has already offered a letter of apology. Hope Bergeron is alright.

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