Tuesday, September 4, 2007


So, we'll go back to fairly regularly posting from here on in.

Jeremy Roenick signed a 1-year deal with San Jose today. So I have a question to pose to the readers?

Say JR scores 10 goals this year, plays a checking role and the Sharks win a Cup.

Is he an HOFer?

Say 10 goals, 15 assists and a Cup this season, these would be his career stats.

505 Goals
690 Assists
1195 Points

51 Goals
65 Assists
116 Points

Plus a potential Cup.

What does everyone think?


The Dark Ranger said...

At least he has the guts to re-commit and not hold up the team! Not a huge fan, but you gotta love the loud mouths in this sport.

Somewhat related, I cannot imagine someone like Brian Burke -- GM of Anaheim -- who has taken the high road in the off-season...passing on over-priced Penner, and related to this post, now has Teemu and Niedermayer committing to retirement, but both still undecided and having second thoughts. Teemu is fine, but Needy is holding up over six mill in cap room for the Ducks.

At least JR retired and re-committed pre-training camp.

Lenny said...

I'm not sure he's a HOF'er honestly. He has impressive numbers, but not "Hall of Fame worthy" numbers to me. I do enjoy his outbursts, and respect that he did not hold up the Coyotes, or his team now the Sharks, at all with his "retirement" plans. If he stays healthy, he could possibly have another two years in him. We'll see after he's done, maybe he'll have some pretty impressive seasons.

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