Friday, September 21, 2007

Rangers Open Pre-Season Schedule Against the Devils

In just under a half hour, the Rangers officially start preseason games. The game will be on MSG starting at 7pm. I'll be around if anyone wants to talk about it as it is going on. Some things to look for both tonight against the Devils and tomorrow against the Flyers are chemistry between lines such as Gomez, Jagr and Dawes which will be the top line tomorrow, and defensive chemistry between pairs like Kasparaitis and Hutchenson, Tyutin and Girardi who we know can play together and Mara and Pock. Marc Staal will see his first action in the NHL and we'll get a look at players such as Byers, Jessiman, Anisimov, Dubinski and Liffiton as well. Feel free to comment during the game tonight. I'll check back every so often.

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