Friday, September 28, 2007

Hollweg On and On

Well - Kovy's subjectively assumptive interpretation of my previous statements, while totally ignoring the truth continues to muddy the Chris Simon situation.

Kovy states "Not from behind as you claimed countless times as if to justify the ridiculous retaliation if you can actually call it that."

I have never tried to justify Simon's infraction against Hollweg and thought the action was abominable, and have said so. But if you objectively look at Hollweg's boarding against Simon and all of Hollweg's continuous cheap shots from behind, it is easy to see who the dirtier player is.

And your claim that Simon shouldn't have played is ridiculous. He is getting ready for the season and as he has to sit out 5 more regular season games, of course he needs pre-season playing time. Hollweg played, right? If you watched the game, you'll see that the Rangers actually incited the riot. But, I understand your lack of objectivity and desire to stick up for your goons just because of the color jersey he wears.

Well, I guess this will go on and on as the Rags bloggers continue to attempt to re-write history and paint Hollweg as a character guy. Whatever.

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