Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Take on the Rangers vs. Islanders Game Last Night

Chris Simon. He did his job. He rightfully gave Hollweg a taste of his own medicine. We have seen Hollweg's dirty play time and again, and it is just a matter of time before he ends someone's career with a cheap shot from behind. As I've said before, Simon's cheap shot on hollweg last year has no place in hockey and Simon has affirmed this repeatedly since the incident. but let's not forget Hollweg's face slam of Simon's head against the glass that could have caused serious injury as well. Simon's stick chop to Hollweg's face was a one time deal. Hollweg's cheap shots from behind happen regularly. So good for Simon. Sitting this game out would have shown softness from the Islanders and would have continued the Hollweg saga from last season. Simon was eligible to play, he played, and he played his game well.

Ted Nolan. His job is to get his players ready for the season. Maybe Renney should have sat Hollweg last night in order to avoid "half the fisticuffs" as our Broadway leaning blogger has stated.

Rick DiPietro. The only concern I had was for his previously concussed head. According to Lenny, DiPietro should have let Strudwick and Hollweg continue their double teaming of Simon. Yeah, okay. And to berate DP because he baited Montoya into a fight? If Big Al is going to skate all the way down ice to join the fray because DP is involved, then Big Al has to be ready to take the DP beating. And he did!!

Let's give it up to the Isles for their comeback win against the Broadway punks. Way to wipe that silly grin off of Renney's mug. Get ready for more Hollweg. Keep hitting from behind and see where it gets you. At least the new Isles got the chance to see how dirty he plays and can be ready for him when the season starts. I predict that Hollweg hurts someone badly this year. I also predict that someone beats the #%& out of him this season as well. I for one won't be sad when that happens as hollweg is one of the dirtiest players in the league by far.

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