Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Let's clarify something

The only punks I saw were the ones in Islander jerseys last night. We respectfully disagree. What a shock there.

The Islanders had every intention of starting that brawl and of course it would come courtesy of a cheapshot from the biggest punk of them all who shouldn't have even been playing. A "one-time incident" for a stick swing which could've inflicted a lot more damage? Biased much?

Let's be honest. Simon should have been kicked out of the league for that and would've if Hollweg had his career ended. Instead, he got a reprieve.

There are no excuses. And what does this idiot who's been in the league over a decade do? Punches Hollweg in the head from behind. Typical crap from a bush league team which is what the Islanders are. And their best player sure leads in that category with his disrespect for Montoya hitting him while he was defenseless on the ice.

The Isles have been known for stuff like this. Now, they got a blatant cheapshot artist in Sutton added to the mix of trash which includes Witt.

The fact you would cheer for injuries to opponents speaks volumes. There's nothing funny when that stuff happens. You sure didn't see me applauding Avery's antics when he shoved Oduya into Weekes last Friday. That was inexcusable. At least I realize what Avery's action was. Classless.

That btw is the difference between a Ranger fan and an Islander fan. We don't root for injuries.

This entry might've been a little animated but when my fellow Islander blogger can't be objective and takes this rivalry too far, then he deserves this.

I honestly don't care anymore. Your dirty team will get theirs. Keep celebrating your "big" preseason comeback win because that's all you're going to have to get excited about.

Kind of tells you all you need to know really about the Islanders.

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