Monday, September 24, 2007

Kasparaitis and Liffiton placed on Waivers

Breaking news from Sam Weinman. Both Darius Kasparaitis and David Liffiton were placed on waivers at 12 noon today. It's unfortunate that given all of the positive things we were hearing about Kaspar up until the start of preseason, he did not make it further into camp. I was a big fan of his when he first came to the Rangers and was really pulling for him to make a comeback, but the lockout and the salary cap were too much for him to handle. Hopefully he passes through and goes into Hartford to tweak some skills and maybe make it back to us later in the season. If he gets claimed, good for him and I'll wish him all the luck in making that team's roster.

With the demotion of Baranka the other day, this leaves Malik, Roszival, Tyutin, Girardi, Mara, Pock, Strudwick, Hutchinson and Staal as the remaining defensemen. You have to imagine that five of those spots are filled by the first five names, and the latter four will be battling it out for the last starting spot and the 7th defenseman spot.

Rangers vs. Islanders is not on tv tonight, but I have heard that it might be shown on the Fishstick's website. I'll check out the box score and look around the web to see how they fared later on and comment on it then.

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